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Fashion/Portraits/Beauty Photography packages range from $330 to $2700 and include shoot time, prints and web ready images. Make-up/ hair artists are available to help you create a truly special look.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with your choices and if you are interested in scheduling a photography session I would love to hear from you!

"Being an artist, I had an artist's instincts....You can see the picture before it's taken; then it's up to you to get the camera to see." - James Van Der Zee

Born in 1886, James VanDerZee was the "official photographer" of the Harlem Renaissance, a portion of history representing the discovery of self pride in African-American literary and musical creativity, where he also participated as a musician sitting in with the Fletcher Henderson band. VanDerZee turned 80 before the greatness of his work and its valuable collection of historic photographs of Harlem were selected for display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit, "Harlem On My Mind." Opening his first photography studio on 135th Street, VanDerZee's business prospered as Harlem entrusted their visual records of weddings, social life, and deaths in his care. He created fully documented photographic records of three of the most remembered black messiahs--Daddy Grace, Father Divine, and the black consciousness movement of Marcus Garvey. VanDerZee captured beautiful black women and handsome black men and pretty black children, pleated and pressed in their Sunday best, who through his lens rose above the poverty of their daily existence to display their true gifts of promise.

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Great Shots! Thank you for visiting mine.
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Your work is beautiful and thanks for visiting mine :)
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Thanks for the comment and DC looks like a great place to photograph. Hope to come soon.
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Hey thanks! I would love for you to add me as a reference! I'm going to checkout your site now!
Steve, I am happy to see that you are a photographer as well as a biker and RC'er. I ride my bikes but RC is on the back burner while living in Carolina. I am a sports photographer but my defense job has me in North Carolina. That's why I have not been to MD often. Keep taking pics at the big races so that I can still feel like I am there. "Keith Wright"